Your personalised supplements are proprietary blends of ingredients. Proprietary blends are exempted from listing the exact quantities of ingredients, but are required to list all ingredients ordered by quantity, higher to lower. This is to provide some degree of protection for the intellectual property associated with creating the proprietary blend.

We do understand the reason for your question though. If you don't know the exact quantities of the ingredients, how would you know for sure that the supplement is safe for you to consume?

We can certainly answer that. 

Your 1Balance supplement consists of whole herbs. Given that there are around 7-8 herbs in a 500mg capsule, each herb's quantity (by weight) ranges between 20mg - 100mg.

Are these amounts safe? Yes, and by a huge margin. 

To help you get some perspective, if a physician were to recommend the same herb (or herb extract or active ingredient used in a synthetic drug formulation) for immediate therapeutic effect (to treat or manage a condition), he/ she would typically recommend at least 20-50 times the amount of each herb contained in your supplement, and even that would be considered to be safe.

You might be wondering - ok, they are safe, but are they effective?

Yes, absolutely. 

You only need more potent preparations when you to need to create an immediate, but short term impact on your health. Taking more supplements (and more of each supplement) on a daily basis can actually interfere with your body's natural health regulating mechanisms and prove detrimental in the long run.

To gently nudge your health towards balance on a daily basis - small amounts actually work best. In this context, less is actually more.