While whole herbs generally do not cause side effects (their quantities are not high enough to cause sudden or intense changes), herb sensitivities cannot be ruled out 100%, and each individual is unique in this regard.

If you start noticing any side effect, here is the best course of action:

1. Stop all your herbal supplements (including 1Balance) and observe for a few days if the side effect goes away. 

2. If the side effect goes away, introduce your supplements one at a time (starting with 1Balance) and observe if the side effect recurs.

3. If it recurs, you would have isolated the supplement that is causing the problem (1Balance or otherwise).Stop taking that supplement.

4. Send us an email with details about the side effects you are facing, other supplements (or medication) that you might be taking, as well as any changes to your diet and lifestyle that you might have made in the recent past. We will have an expert examine your health profile and your combination and assess if the effects can be mapped to any known herb sensitivities or interactions, and advise accordingly.