1Balance supplements are made up of small amounts of whole herbs. Your body will react to these whole herbs in a manner similar to how it would react to any new whole food added to your regular diet. The nature of their effect on the body is similar to any other whole food - subtle, and gradual, and almost without exception, positive.

However, every individual is different - and sensitivities to specific herbs (or any food for that matter) can exist, and can, on rare occasions, show up in the form of minor adverse effects such as mild indigestion, skin irritation, mild drowsiness etc. In most cases, these effects will recede in a few days as the body adapts to the herbs. Sometimes, changing the pattern of consumption can help too (after meals). Taking many supplements at once, or supplements along with medication, can also result in interactions - in such cases, having a reasonable gap (say 30 minutes apart) usually helps.

In the unlikely case where there are persistent adverse effects, based on the nature of the effect, and based on information about other supplements or medication that you might be taking, we can have an expert review and recommend a different combination wherever relevant. Alternatively, if the causes lie elsewhere (say in your diet), the expert can suggest some changes to your diet or daily regime.